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Aiming To Inspire: A Q & A W/ Bishop Of Brownskins

Q. If you could play any tennis player right now, who would it be and how much would you beat them by?

A. “I’d play Serena Williams just to watch her play. It might cost me the match... but the gains would undoubtedly be worth it. She’d win by (2) points cause I’d exhaust myself playing her to standstill.”

Q. If you could end world hunger with one dish, what would it be and who would cook it?

A. Personally I’d go w/ fried chicken. I know some black women who make some dope chicken that would not only end world hunger, but also wars. Unfortunately I can’t name names to keep their lives safe... and because I’m quite selfish.

Q. What’s life?

A. Life is what you make it, by having something to look forward to. People see life as meaningless because they have no goals & live according to what society wishes for them. Life is about striving, gaining, maintaining, & sharing w/ those you love.

Q. How does your definition of life show in your art?

A. My definition of life shows in my photos because I’m focused on my pics just like I’m focused on my purpose. It’s hard to convey other emotions because I see photoshoots, modeling, & even acting as objectives that need to be completed to the best of my abilities. But I can only improve & evolve.

Q. To inspire means to...[fill in blank]

A. To inspire means to make others want to try new things & evolve because they see how you explore your potential. I went from a timid loser to a creative who loves to try new things. Sometimes you have to see what someone else can do before you question your own capabilities.

Q. For the 99 and 2000?

A. What?

Q. What?


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