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A Body Positive Experience w/ @AMAPOUNDCAKE

WHO IS AMAPOUNDCAKE & Why do you do what you do?

A. So I, am Danni Adams and my social media alter-ego is @amapoundcake, I’m a Body-Positivity Influencer, Content Creator, Activist, all the things...ya homegirl. So, I do what I do because, when I was a young girl, I've always loved entertainment, but when I watched it, I never used to see myself in any of its content. Outside of watching Tyler Perry, I didn't see many fat, black people. That was the moment I understood that there was limited representation for me. But I also wanted to live and be that representation. I also talk about and teach people, the importance of de-colonizing beauty and making sure it doesn’t stop with skin color, but also body size.

Do You Have A Specific Audience That You Speak To?

A. I know everyone says oh, I want my message to be for everybody, but I think who I’m genuinely for is people who, not only struggle with their bodies, but they also want to be in community with people who are marginalized, people who like to have fun... and I think those are my people. People who like to have fun.

How Can We Experience You?

A. People can follow me @amapoundcake on all platforms and on my website also, cop a journal.

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