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TEAM SPOTLIGHT | Kia "The Mix Artist" Shavon

Who Are You?

My name is Kia Shavon, creatively known as “The Mix Artist”.

I am an extremely laid-back audio engineer, classically trained percussionist, and lover

of most living things (I can’t with insects though...not yet).

Why Are You?

Audio engineering is generally a solitary job, which worked out so perfectly for me as a

textbook introvert. But, as I approach 15 years in the field and almost 4 decades in life, I feel compelled to share the knowledge I’ve attained thus far. It would be so easy for me to just put the work in and stay to myself, but I can’t ignore the fact that representation and exposure to information and possibilities beyond the status quo (which I’m here to help reshape) matters.

I’m excited to adjust my comfort zone to include sharing more of myself while

unapologetically being my whole, complete, authentic self and inspiring others to do

the same.

Where Can We Experience You?

Check me out on where you can see (and hear) music videos to a lot

of my work, watch a few interviews, and contact me directly. You can also link with me on Instagram (@themixartist).

Recent Work

Rich Riot - The Stick Up

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