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The Artist: w/ Jessie The Goat

Who Is Jessie?

A. Jessie is my alter-ego. Someone I can use as an icon to express emotion and passion within my craft. Whether thats music, acting, entertainment, or, my actual voice.

When Did You Start Getting Into Your Craft?

A. A. Man, I’ve been into music since I could talk. There’s something about music that gives me an adrenaline rush, Going back to elementary school, we used to beat box on the desks, then they used to call me to that desk to freestyle. And that was the thing, it gave us something to do. Then we got off into the school programs and performances.That created a rush that people wanted to be a part of.

Was It Mostly Your Friends At The Time, That Helped Fuel Your Passion?

A. You know, it was mostly people from the outside. My friends that heard me for the first time would be like oh, “you nice with it” or “I love your poetry”. Family will support you but I feel like the support from the outside will be honest with you I would say.

Did These Interractions Strengthen Your Personal Confidence?

A. Yeah, I used to do this for fun, then people would say, yeah...keep going, do something else. Then gradually over time, I kept getting better and better according to what the people say. If they say cut it out, I’d cut it out...but now I do things in a more conceptual way.

Thinking Conceptually, Who Are You Talking To In Your Music? Is This Target Consistent Or Does It Change?

A. It changes. I give people certain songs I feel like they might want to hear, then I’ll give them an emotion. Like I could get mad at someone, then I’ll get in my car and put on a beat to freestyle to and my freestyle is evolving from what just happened. Then I create a fire song from what just happened. Or I’ll see something that affected an entire city, then I’m making a song about that. Could be a lit song you know? Just something you can feel. It varies. I can do both.

How Do You Get The Inspiration To Make Real World Hits?

A. I got a real unique skill to feel what people feel...or atleast I try to. Because I’ve been through a lot. I don’t talk about it, but through my songs I talk about it. I’ve been through enough to say that you know, now I want to feel what people feel. So when I’m saying certain words, I try to put some energy into them to where when a person hear it they be like, yeah man, I felt that...

Catch Jessie’s Full Interview

This Friday | 1/27

@7pm CST | Via The Creative

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